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21 Blackjack Game

Blackjack is played with one to six cards (decks). It goes without saying that unless the player has cards, plus it has a chance to win. The game begins with the set. Then the dealer gives two cards (open) for each player, the bank (or casino Live dealer) gets one. Sometimes the bank will receive a map and an open up card. In this case the dealer wants to know whether the bank has a blackjack before continuing the game

Nevertheless, there are other possibilities to increase his chances. First there is what is called the "double". The casino player has this ability only if the total of his first two cards total 9, 10 or 11. The bet is doubled and the player receives a final card of the dealer.

Another option is splitting (split). This is possible when the first 2 cards have the same value and therefore they form a pair. The player must wager on each card separately. The player ends up with not one, but with two games in hand. When we split two aces, each ace receives a final card. If that card happens to be an ace again, the player may split again.

The player makes a blackjack can earn 1.5 times his bet over his original bet. If he wins the bank, the wager is doubled. If he loses, or if the bank has more than 21 points, he loses his entire wager. In some cases it is possible to double (double or split) the bet or to insure against any loss (or drop insurance). If the player or the bank have the same score, the player takes his bet and he wins or loses anything. Most online casinos offer this game to bet 50 cents!

If the first two player's cards have the same value, for example: two tens, two four, two cards to 10 points (the Queen, Jack) and so on., This combination can be divided into two. In this case the player has to double the original bet.

Having divided the cards, the dealer gives the player additional cards on the first hand, and having completed the game, go to the second. If after the division receives the second ace card worth 10 points, this is not the combination of blackjack, but the sum of 21 points. Split on the ace, it gives only one card on each ace. If after the distribution of hand cards of identical value were found again, the player can make another one or a few divisions, according to the rules of the casino concrete.