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Bingo Bankroll

Unibet casino spelletjes review: Once you’ve caught the bingo bug it can be hard to know when to stop playing. However, without a pre-determined game plan, you could quickly see you finances dwindle if you hit a losing streak. For this reason it’s important to have a specific bankroll that’s only used for playing bingo. Moreover, this money should be separate from your overall finances and be a small percentage of your net worth.

Before you make your first online bingo deposit you need to determine how much money you’ve got to play with. Once you’ve done this you can begin to plan the length of your sessions and the level of games you’re going to play.

For example, let’s assume you have £500 that you’re willing to lose if the worst were to happen and you don’t win a single session of bingo. This amount is your bankroll and will guide which games you can play. In the poker world it’s common practice for you to not buy into tournaments with an entry fee that’s more than 5% of your bankroll and this guideline can also be used for bingo.

Because you have the option to buy tickets, the amount you purchase should be determined by how much your bankroll allows. Thus, if a ticket costs £1 and your overall bankroll is £200, then you should section off £10 per game, thus allowing you to purchase ten tickets.

The amount you win or lose should also be determined by the size of your bankroll. For instance, if at any point during a session you lost 10%-15% of your overall bankroll then you should stop playing. Moreover, if you made this amount in profit it would be wise to quite playing and count your winnings.

Bankroll management is essential if you want to become a successful bingo player and survive in the game for an extended period of time.