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There are several variations of bingo regulations depend on the variation of bingo that is played. Sometimes, just fill a row or column of the box but the most famous and most played such is the coverall. You should then check all the boxes on your card. There are several kinds of bingo.

The 75 ball bingo: this is an American version of bingo. It has 75 balls in the urn. These balls are initially distributed on five columns of 15 balls each. The columns are named by letter of each word bingo that is to say BINGO Cartons of 25 players each have numbers that are divided into five rows and five columns with themselves, as the letters of the word BINGO There is a specific serial number on each carton that can enable its identification.

The 90 ball bingo: this is the French version of bingo. Instead of a carton, it was tickets consisting of 3 rows and 9 columns. We buy the tickets by card of 6 tickets each. All 90 numbers are distributed on six tickets. On each column, 5 boxes are filled and the rest is empty.

What makes us a total of 90 numbers and 72 empty boxes. There are three possible ways to win. You can either check all of a line or fill in the boxes of two particular lines. But you can also check all the lines. As soon as we fill a line, they cry right after "quince".

In case he forgot to yell "quite", the player must wait two more numbers are drawn thereafter until he can raise it again if no winner is declared. If you filled the whole carton, they shout "cardboard" but some say still quince.

The verification is done as follows. One person reads aloud the numbers marked on the cardboard from the latest issue out if it was done well. Go to now play with our special selection of online bingo with other players and surfers.

A Bingo, you pull some numbers and then the ads one after the other. On the other hand, we share the players boxes called "grids". They then fill them in as and when the numbers are announced. The winner is the player who manages to get the first win scheme.