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Baccarat is based on simple principles and easily mastered. First, a game of baccarat is played between a banker and his players. The banker is one who represents the casino. In online baccarat games, the banker is simply the online casino Players are also referred to as "pundits". The principle of meeting between the banker and punters give the term "Pinto Blanco", by which Spanish name called baccarat.

This game is a little bit on the principle of other card games such as blackjack, that is to say that players do not fight them, but each player is an opponent of the banker. The goal is to aggregate the values of nine cards received. Get some latest information about new casino bonuses, reviews, latest news, promotions and more at

The player can receive at least two and up to three cards. Of course, there are many tips and tricks to maximize the chances of winning at baccarat. This is indeed a game that requires a basic knowledge of calculus, otherwise we can not try to reach 9.


Together we will get to know the game of Black Jack. This allows us to master the game, mastering the rules and practice different strategies to gain maximum during games of Black Jack. We will start with the principle of the game.

play the best video slots for free at best online casinos. Blackjack is a strategic game but very easy to play. We will also see some variations of this game We conclude with an overview of the history of blackjack in France and worldwide. It is through these three points we can learn more about Blackjack.

First, Blackjack is an English expression meaning "black jack". This is a game that interests many people, especially in casinos and on Internet. It can indeed save you a lot of money in no time. Blackjack is a game both thrilling and calm. It allows you to relax and enjoy yourself. Moreover, there are different ways to play. However, always try to reach the total of 21 on the value of the cards without going over.