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Casino Online with Roulette

We who enjoy online casino games usually feel to quite a few different casino online. Most often, we have tested some of them before we finally decided on which online casino we wanted to open an account and start playing.Before choosing which online casino to play at, there are a lot of things you should look at. One should check if there is a safe online casino, what payment methods offered, which game selection available and more. We also recommend highly to play at casino online Sweden .

it is easier to understand all the rules and conditions regarding bonuses, games and so on. Moreover, it is easier to get an overview of how much money they spend on the casino games when you can play in Swedish kronor and will not count in exchange rates and such. Perhaps the biggest advantage yet of playing at casinos in Sweden is probably the customer service. If it is an entirely Swedish casino can most often contact customer service at all different ways, such as email, telephone and live chat, in Swedish. On foreign casinos must often contact support in English or possibly in Swedish only via email. The downside to this is that you then sometimes have to wait a long time to get answers. If you have the ability to chat in Swedish this is obviously the best option, because you get answers directly in Swedish.

Roulette is one of the most classic casino game both at land-based, mobile and online casino. Besides the casinos, you can also play roulette at some clubs and hotels that have special permission for this type of activity. How that is so hoarse roulette casino online is one of the most popular casino games, and usually you can choose between two different versions of this game. One is the European version that has the numbers 0-36 and the other is known as the American version except that the digits 0-36 also has a double zero (00).

The rules of roulette at online casinos are the same as anywhere you play this exciting table games. The game consists of three major parts, the roulette bowl, the ball and the game mat. Roulette bowl is numbered from 0-36 or O-36 and a double-zero depending on which version you play. The dealer spins the ball in the bowl and the winning number is that the ball will stop on. On the game screen, you can invest in many different prizes. You can either bet on the winning number, if it come to be odd or even, color - black or red, on which part of the game carpet figure is so.