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Baccarat Practiced since the 19th century, Baccarat is a card game in its own right that is offered in land based casinos and online. It pits a player to a banker, representing the house. The direct descendant of baccarat as we know it today is another game called Chemin de Fer. If baccarat is also very similar to blackjack, some important differences between these two sets of cards. We tell you all about baccarat in this introductory article.

In casinos, baccarat is played using eight decks of 52 cards. The first and third cards from the deck are the Player while the second and fourth cards form the situation of the bank. It is rare that the banker uses more than four cards but this can happen, however, from time to time, including to decide between the two parties. Technically, other cards, some baccarat also includes a table. At baccarat, the player has to bet on his hand or that of the bank. You can also wager on a tie. It's not the hand before it decides on victory or defeat but its ability to predict which hand will win.

As explained above, baccarat is similar to a prediction game. To prevail, we must effectively predict whether the player or the bank will benefit from the best hand. The payment of winnings is 1: 1 except in case of a tie; the earnings report then goes to 8: 1 The cards have a very specific baccarat value. The Ace is worth one point, figures -also called "logs", are worth zero points. As for the other cards, they retain their numerical value. The most powerful card of the game is the 9th There is another important feature baccarat: if the number with a unit and a decimal, one can remove the unit. Thus, if a 2 and 7 points worth May 1, a 5 and a 9 shall be valid only 4 points. The goal is to get as close as possible to 9 points, each decision can be important.

This is an Italian entrepreneur named Tommy Renzoni who baccarat exports to the United States. Mainly practiced in Cuba, baccarat first appeared in Nevada in 1950, however, the casino operator altered somewhat the rules of the game to adapt to American culture. Baccarat was not a huge success but the movie James Bond 007 against Dr. No completely changed the situation. Many times you can see the secret agent to indulge in this game, especially against his nemesis, the figure in your bets Spies , one of the novels written by Ian Fleming. Since 2000, Baccarat has entered the digital age. Thus, we can now play online.