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In this page you will find information on how to play baccarat and the basic rules of this game is really to understand the game better identify and then win. In playing baccarat, we will first origins of baccarat, how this game has crossed the oceans to become one of today's popular games in casinos and on Internet. We will explain briefly the principles of the game and its outline. We will conclude this first part with the current versions of baccarat.

Baccarat is a very old game, so much so that its origins may look blurred. The first version of the game came about in the fifteenth century. We think that baccarat was born in Italy. This is indeed an Italian word which means zero.

This is because all cards with a face (jack, queen, king), and the card 10 has a null value. Initially, he played with tarot cards. Baccarat is quickly spent in France from the sixteenth century. His name becomes "Chain de Far" because the cards are placed in a big iron box. It was rather played at the French nobility.

The Royal Court also particularly liked baccarat. Crossing the ocean, the game is also adopted by the Argentines and Cubans. There, baccarat was called the "Pinto Blanco" to show that the game is between the banker and his client.

For a while, the game was banned in France for ethical reasons. It's still fast enough become a very popular game. Today, baccarat players go to the casinos. But it is also possible to play on websites. The game is known in all parts of the globe.

The popularity of baccarat lies not only in the fact that it's fun and it can save lots of money. Baccarat is indeed a game of mythical origin. According to legend, the origin of this game dates back to a ritual. A virgin should know whether his destiny was to become a priestess, to stay and live among his own or die drowned in the sea.

The girl would then roll a nine sides to determine his fate. Following its fate will depend on the number that appear on the dice. A figure greater than 8 is becoming the Priestess while above 5, it must drown in the sea Baccarat is also appreciated by fans of James Bond because it is the favorite game of this hero.