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While some people will look to the advice of Joseph E. Granville for advice on becoming a systematic Unibet bingo winner, there is some controversy surrounding his theories.

Indeed, while his methods are based on sound mathematical principles, they seem to stretch their application in order to suit his ideas.

Of course there’s no harm adding this knowledge to your overall bankroll strategy, there are some simpler steps you can implement into your game.

1 – More Tickets: The amount of tickets you purchase can influence your chances of success in any one bingo session. While some people will dispute this fact – most notable Granville – there’s a strong case to suggest that you can increase your expectation with more tickets. This is because the odds of a player winning are calculated by dividing the number of tickets a player has versus the number in play.

2 – Play Sensibly: Correct bankroll management is necessary not only in casino games such as blackjack and roulette but in bingo as well. Indeed, while it’s all well and good trying to buy as many tickets as possible to ensure a win, you must remember your finances. Risking more than you can afford will always end in disaster because a sustained losing streak will leave you broke. For this reason it’s important to use your bankroll as a guide when selecting which games to play and how many tickets you buy.

3 – Get Something Extra: Online bingo is full of bonus cash offers and if you can take full advantage of these you find your overall profits soar. From deposit bonuses to loyalty rewards, you should ensure that you’re always aware of the extras you can get your hands on.

Your prospects as a bingo player are determined by a raft of factors, but if you can use the simple advice outlined in this article you’ll find you’re much more likely to succeed in this exiting game.