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One of the versions that you can easily find online bingo halls virtual gambling authorized by AIMS, is the Pop Bingo. A very simple game, even easier than the classic bingo live, because you did not even need to pay attention to the numbers drawn, since these are marked on your folder automatically.

But let's see how Pop played Bingo online. The goal is obviously to make the bingo, which is to mark all the numbers on their record, as soon as possible, because the first extracts all your numbers, the higher the premium that you put in your pocket, and of course the consistency of winning will depend on the amount that you paid to buy your card.

Before you start playing, you should select the right price for the folder, spending a minimum of 10 cents up to a maximum of up to 100 €, and you can even change the folder according to those who are your lucky numbers, or so completely random.

Once the cost of the selected folder, you can finally click on "Play" button, and then the animation will blow up the bingo numbers as if they were popcorn, with a specially chosen background sound. The numbers are going to put in place on the board, but you can check how many have been extracted by looking at the chart above.

If you can complete your card within 40 numbers drawn win the top prize, and betting € 100 could you put in your pocket in as many as one million euros in one fell swoop. The second prize will it will be if you make bingo numbers drawn within 45, the third by 50, within the fourth 57, fifth 60 and so on, until the minimum prize which is very slightly above the same cost of the folder, for the made within 86 bingo numbers drawn.

As online casinos and poker rooms also offer online bingo halls to all new players free money (no deposit bonus). These are small amounts (5 - $ 30) which, however, are fine to try the games without risking anything. Unfortunately, the online bingo halls are almost all in English (which differentiates them from the poker rooms and casinos). But play is quite simple and intuitive. It 'also advised to open a virtual account much easier and cheaper than using your credit card or bank transfer. On this account you will credited to your winnings. After playing for several times in free mode you will be ready to play in the bingo halls.