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Many of you have seen them up close or have heard of bingo without really knowing the game In this article we will explain everything there is to know about bingo. We will give you a little description as well as variants, but first, here's a rundown on the history of bingo.

Bingo is a game of chance. He plays in society, ideal for making friends or spend time with family, given the simplicity and the atmosphere resulting from participation in this game These few explanations will help you better understand the bingo. All variants of bingo listed here are available on our website, so you can play immediately. Check out this awesome website which features top Swedish casinos

We know that this game is very old. Indeed, it dates from ancient times and many countries and various civilizations have played. Version closest and most similar to bingo was found in Italy to the sixteenth century.

Such as bingo was also a lottery, it was called at that time "Lo Guido De Lotto." It was a quite popular and he played such everywhere. It was not until two centuries later than the bingo made its appearance in France but it was reserved for high society.

Also in France we found a version of bingo called 14 go sun bingo really close now: right now, it is played with balls with numbers and tokens to mark the numbers drawn on the gates of players. The evolution of this game depends on where it is practiced.

In Germany for example, participants could refine their culture and general knowledge while playing bingo. By 1929, this game also made its entry in the United States. He was then called "Beano" because beans were used to mark numbers.

A toy salesman from New York, Edwin SLOWER, had the idea to turn it into "Bingo" when he heard a player yell "Bingo" instead of "Beano". This same toy salesman who perfected the "Bingo" to reach its current version. Know that Lowe went so far as to hire a math teacher at Columbia University, a McCall Leveler, to develop new combinations of gates.